Hydromax Xtreme Complete Review

Hydromax Xtreme Complete Review

Based on the HUGE success and the good response from the worldwide users of the earlier Bathmate Originals, the new Hydromax Xtreme was designed and developed to resolve some issues that users experienced with the original Bathmate pumps.

As a result, the manufacturer developed a series of pumps that are more effective, safer, and deliver the desired results within a shorter period of time. Below is a comprehensive review of the Hydromax Xtreme pumps and what you can expect. Remember, any of the Bathmate Xtreme pumps provide you with the ultimate hydropump technology for better results.

Welcome The Hydromax Xtreme Series

The pumps in this category include the Hydromax X20 Xtreme, X30 xtreme, Hydromax X40 Xtreme, and the all new Hydromax X50 Xtreme. It is worth noting that the Xtreme variants of the Hydromax pumps are the very first ones to incorporate a removable handball pump in the design of the Bathmate hydropumps.

While you can still use your Xtreme penis pump just like the other standard Bathmate hydropumps, the Xtreme is a whole new ball game, especially if you consider the addition of the handaball pump that makes the pumps even more powerful. You can attach this new handball directly to the valve of the pump or use the optional flex tube to make usage easier.

When you opt for the Hydromax Xtreme, you get all the accessories included as a value pack. This package contains the Xtreme pump, a carry case, cleaning sponge, measuring gauge, hose attachment, lube, Comfort Insert Pad, handball pump, Security Lock and Shower Strap.

By choosing the Xtreme Series pumps, you will notice that you are presented with various options. All these pumps work superbly and produce the desired results in just a matter of weeks. Apart from the two new improvements, every other component is similar to what you find in the Xseries pumps.

Like the X-series pumps (Hydromax X20, Hydromax X30, and Hydromax X40), the Xtreme series pumps are fitted with a new bellows pump system that helps deliver 35% more suction power while still guaranteeing greater user safety and comfort. You will also be glad to learn that a new measuring size guide (metric and imperial) is incorporated. As a result, you can now control your exercises by checking your progress.

Is the Xtreme Series good for the beginners?

If you have never used a pump before, then we highly recommend the Hydromax Xtreme series, which is the ultimate water based pump. These pumps are specifically made to accommodate and address most of the issues that previous users often experienced with the older Bathmate pumps. Note that using any of the Xtreme pumps is actually quite easy and they all come complete with a user guide (instruction manual) that is actually easy to understand.

Do the pumps work?

You can be sure that these pumps will certainly make your dick bigger in just a matter of weeks. Also, they deliver results faster than the older pumps, thanks to the new improvements and additional features incorporated in their workings. Consequently, the pumps are safer, deliver results quicker and guarantee your safety. Besides making your penis bigger, the pumps also help promote penis health. Anyone suffering the effects of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can resolve these issues using these hydropumps with great success.

After using any of the Xtreme pumps for several weeks, you will begin to notice a change in size, especially in your penile girth. With proper and consistent use, you could potentially gain an inch or two. In terms of length, you should expect less dramatic changes, as you might gain ΒΌ inch to one inch and this will depend on many factors like the amount of pressure you apply as well as your level of consistency. You must be consistent if you want to realize meaningful gains that transform into permanent gains.

Are permanent gains possible with the Hydromax Xtreme series and Hydromax Xseries or do you need to combine these pumps with penis enlargement exercises, extenders, or pills to get the best possible results?

By using your Bathmate pump alone, you should expect definite increases for both your penis girth and length. Even so, you could still combine your Bathmate routine with jelqing if you wish. This could help speed up your results as well.


No matter your location, you can rest assured knowing that your favorite hydropump will be delivered discretely to you in one piece. The manufacturer does worldwide shipping, thanks to their highly effective distribution network of warehouses.

When it comes to worldwide shipping, the warehouses process the orders and send them out the same day. These warehouses are strategically located to ensure the domestic and international customers receive their Bathmate packages in a matter of days. Whether you choose to order Bathmate in USA or any other location, you can expect to receive your package in a few days.


The Xtreme series line of pumps can be viewed as a somewhat premium or luxurious lineup of hydropumps for the advanced users. Every pump in this category is sold together with a value pack, meaning you get all the vital accessories to enable you get the most from your pump. In addition, the pumps are available in attractive colors.

Note that the Bathmate Hydromax has been in the business for a long time, as it pioneered the first ever hydropump in the market. With such great innovation, the manufacturer continuously carried out design improvements and the results are now visible in the X-series and Xtreme series pumps and their ability to produce better results than the earlier Original Bathmate series.

Summary: Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme

Based on the experience of most users of the Xtreme X30 pump, the results have been satisfactory and impressive at the same time. The Xtreme change the hydropump game completely, which essentially means that you will be pleasantly shocked by the results produced by these pumps.

We can confidently confirm that anyone seeking greater size gains while using a quality penis enlargement device should settle on the Hydromax Xtreme series pumps. These penis pumps are perfect for anyone from the beginner looking for greater size gains to the advanced user who needs to maintain the gains while promoting penis health using a premium quality penis pump.