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Bathmate Vs Hydromax: What Are The Main Differences?

Bathmate is a leading brand in the male enhancement industry. The Bathmate hydropump has been used by hundreds of thousands of men seeking bigger penises with great success. Over time, the manufacturer has developed a dizzying array of penis pumps, with each one specifically designed to suit the unique needs of customers. What are the main differences between Bathmate vs Hydromax? We shall explore the differences in each of these models with the objective of making it easier for you to understand what to expect from each one of them.

The Good Old Bathmate Hercules

This was the world’s first hydropump and the original penis enhancement device that has been used by many people globally due to its ability to produce results in an efficient way. the pump utilizes the incredible force of water to produce negative pressure. As a result, the girth and length of the penis increase significantly.

The Hercules pump has been sold successfully in over 60 countries globally with more than 400,000 satisfied users. Its HUGE success can be attributed to a number of factors including unmatched safety standards, convenience, highly effective, and user-friendliness. After all, the fact that more than 400,000 customers use the device tells a lot about the results you can expect.

The Newer Hydromax Penis Pumps

Hydromax X-series

These pumps have the power to generate 35% more pressure than the good old Hercules. The increased potential pressure is attributed to the new design bellows pump that works more efficiently. The bellows is fitted with soft padding to provide greater comfort. Many more features have been added to make the X-series pump more powerful and highly efficient.

Hydromax Xtreme

These comprise of the Hydromax X-series and Xtreme series. With the Xtreme variant, you get the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate in the innovative hydropump technology that takes male enhancement to a new level. If you have the budget, then the Xtreme pumps are highly recommended, as they come with many niceties, not to mention the extremely powerful pump that delivers fast results in a shorter time frame.

If your penis is smaller than 6” lengthwise, then the Hydromax X20 Xtreme will suit you just perfectly. The Hydromax X50 Xtreme is the newest addition to the family. This particular pump is meant for the endowed man who wants to get even bigger and maintain the gains.

The new handball pump allows you to enjoy an extreme session. Consequently, you increase your chances of getting maximum gains combined with the benefit of total control and comfort. If you are keen on achieving your goal of penis enlargement, the Xtreme variant is highly recommended for you.

Summary: Bathmate VS Hydromax

While Bathmate and Hydromax pumps use the same principle to deliver results by relying on the force of water, the Hydromax pumps are certainly more powerful. The fact that safety is guaranteed by the Bathmate and Hydromax pumps, means you do not have to worry about injuring yourself while pumping. Ordering a Hydromax pump allows you to get significant penis gains in the safest way!