Bathmate Xtreme-Series FAQ

With the Extreme series, there is absolutely no limit to the strength of the suction power you are likely to get from the gaiters compression. The Hydromax pumps are fitted with a pelvic padding that provides unmatched comfort. Also, the Xtreme series has a hand pump that is attached to the valve to deliver more suction power. Continue reading the whole Bathmate Xtreme-Series Review to discover why this series offers value for money.

Xtreme Package

The Xtreme series of Hydromax pumps is shipped in a kickass box that includes a carrying case, shower strap, hand-held pump, comfort pad, combination lock, custom measuring tool, towel, and a cleaning attachment.

Hydromax Xtreme vs. Hydromax Hercules

Since they produce 30% more suction power, the Xtreme series pumps are stronger and more powerful when compared to the Bathmate Hercules. Furthermore, it has the capacity to increase your girth by about 40% and you will agree that that is massive. Since there is no limit to the amount of vacuum that can possibly be created with the Xtreme series pumps, there is also no limit to the size you can produce with the device. So, you can continue increasing suction power using the hand-held pump. So, other than being more powerful than the Hercules or other Bathmate Hydromax products, it is also more effective.

Bathmate Xtreme-Series vs. Regular Penis Enlargement Devices

The hand-held pump is designed to remove water from the tube completely. The incorporated squeeze grip of the Xtreme series pumps feels as though it is spring loaded. If you have ever used some of the cheap pumps sold on most of the online shops, then you have probably realized that after a certain level of suction has been reached, it is virtually impossible to pump some more. You will be happy to learn that this is not the case with the Bathmate Xtreme series of pumps.

Product Guarantee

Like all other Bathmate products, a 12-month warranty is provided to cover for damages, leaks, and generally any other issues that may arise that can be linked to production problems. The guarantee provided for the Xtreme series is actually similar to the Hercules series. Also, the product is sold to consumers with a 60-days money back guarantee. This applies if you do not achieve the desired results within the 60-day period.

The Bathmate Xtreme-Series actually works to deliver impressive and desirable results within a few weeks. You will therefore be happy to learn that It truly works and increases penis size quite significantly. Therefore, it is definitely the right product for you if you are endowed but still wish to make your penis even bigger. If you would like to enjoy permanent results, then the Bathmate Xtreme-Series will not disappoint. Use the coupon codes available on this site to purchase the Xtreme Series enlargement pump at a greatly discounted price and enjoy quality and benefits of the cutting edge penis enlargement device. Hopefully, this Bathmate Xtreme-Series review helps you shop wisely for the best penis enlargement device currently available on the market.

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